Our Services

(Co-)Managed IT Services and IT Consulting for Windows and Linux

Whether you need someone to reset an email password, set up a server or run a complex migration project, you can trust our team of experts to do the job.

We are also happy to work with your in-house IT and provide co-managed IT services. Click on one of the links below to learn more

We price our services using a flat fee model or a prepaid retainer.

   Helpdesk Support

Helpdesk Support

New hire needs a computer set up. Printer stopped printing. Emails aren’t getting through. There’s a ton of IT-related tasks to take care of every day, and you have neither time nor headspace to deal with them.

Let our professional and friendly IT consultants do all the setups and fixes for you so that you can concentrate on running your business.

We will help you with:

    • Setup of new computers and workstations
    • Email setup, support and troubleshooting
    • Wifi setup, support and troubleshooting
    • Hardware procurement, support and troubleshooting

Something is on fire... like RIGHT NOW? Buy 4 hours of our time on the spot

Buy 4 hours of time from one of our top engineers on the spot. We can’t guarantee a fix, but chances are, our highly experienced System Engineers have seen this before and will be able to get you out of trouble fast.

Get me out of trouble

Microsoft 365 Support

Want to migrate your current systems to Microsoft 365? Need someone to set up new users, reset passwords and manage backups?

Whether it’s troubleshooting everyday issues or taking over a complex migration project, we know our way with Microsoft 365 far beyond the regular administrative web interfaces and will make sure your systems run smoothly and your data is secure.

We can help you with:

    • Project planning of setup and migration projects
    • License and subscription management
    • Migration from other mail servers (Gmail, on-premise MS Exchange,
    • Ongoing support and maintenance (password resets, setting up new users, policies, troubleshooting, etc.)
    • Cyber security (security audits, enabling multi-factor authentication, enforcing password policies, etc.)
    • Long-term backups that go beyond limited backups Microsoft provides by default
    • Integration into Active Directory

   Network Security & Support

Network Security & Support

Cyber Security

Did you know that even if you have decent firewall and antivirus software, you still can get compromised? Hackers come up with new tricks every day, and if you don’t have best cyber security practices in place, it’s only a matter of time till someone takes your systems hostage.

Making your systems secure isn’t just about hardware and tools. It’s also about policies and mindset, and we can help you implement both.

We offer:

    • Setup and configuration of business-grade firewall and anti-malware
    • Regular security audits and monitoring to spot a potential threat early
    • On-premise and off-site backups and custom recovery solutions
    • Employee awareness training to prevent hacker attacks and virus infections

Networking Support

Wifi is painfully slow? VPN access is unusable? RSA token not working from home office? No other issue causes so much frustration as a malfunctioning internet connection.

Leave your internet troubles with us. Whether you need to set up routers and switches or troubleshoot slow wifi, we’ll make sure that your on-premise internet is fast and stable, and that your employees can easily access your network from anywhere quickly and safely.

We offer:

    • Design and architecture of infrastructure
    • Setup, configuration and troubleshooting of internet connections
    • Setup of “work from anywhere” access
    • Hardware and software procurement

   Server Support & Migration

Server Support & Migration

When it comes to your servers, luck is not a strategy. To be able to run your business, you need them to be fast, secure and running smoothly with minimum downtime.

We can help you select the appropriate hardware and server type, set up and optimize your servers as well as help you scale your server landscape to make sure that your systems remain fast and reliable even if your business grows.

We offer:

    • Consulting on the best hosting solution, be it a physical server, virtual machine or a cloud hosted server
    • Initial installation and optimization for performance and scalability
    • Migration to cloud or new hardware or software
    • Security management based on best practices for encryption, password rotation, multi-factor authentication, etc.
    • Documentation of authorization policies, serial numbers and locations, known issues, standard operating procedures, etc.
    • On-premise and off-site backups and custom recovery solutions
    • Hardware procurement

Server types we can help you with (among others):

    • Active Directory Domain Controller servers
    • SQL servers
    • DNS server
    • DHCP server
    • SQL server
    • File and print servers
    • Business application servers

   Linux support & consulting

Linux support & consulting

Need us to support both Linux and Windows systems? Have a complex project in mind that includes API integration, advanced SQL or sorting out hardware issues? You can always count on our Linux division: Crafty Penguins.

Crafty Penguins is a growing team of 9 Linux experts with decades of experience. We all use the same ticket system, Slack and Wiki, sit at the same office and have the same leadership team. This enables our Windows and Linux divisions to join forces and master all kinds of IT challenges quickly.

Our Linux consultants can help you with:

    • Server Maintenance and Patching
    • Security Audits, Pen Testing, EDR
    • 24×7 Monitoring and Support
    • High Availability Services
    • DevOps, CI/CD, Docker, Kubernetes

Visit our www.craftypenguins.net website to learn more ->